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How to put on your open toe Scholl stockings

If you have difficulty in getting your compression hosiery over your foot you may wish to try using open toe stockings and a Scholl Fitting Socklet.

Scholl Fitting Socklets are available free of charge. Please telephone our Consumer Relations Department on 0800 074 2040.

Like many things in life, putting on your compression hosiery is just a question of getting the right knack, but there are a few hints to note before you start:

  • Always put on your stockings, socks or tights first thing in the morning, in case your legs become swollen as the day progresses
  • Make sure your fingernails and toenails are free from rough edges which could cause snags and ladders
  • Remove any jewellery which could catch as you put your hosiery on

Now follow the instructions below:

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Step 1

Slip the Scholl Fitting Socklet over your foot.

Step 2 of 12

Step 2

Put your hand and arm down the stocking as far as the heel pouch. Grasp the heel pouch between your finger and thumb.

Step 3 of 12

Step 3

Still holding on to the heel pouch, withdraw your arm, turning the stocking inside out, but leaving the foot section tucked in.

Step 4 of 12

Step 4

Turn back the opening to the foot section about 1” (2.5cm), then put the thumbs of each hand into the opening and stretch outwards.

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Step 5

Slip the stocking over your foot as far as is comfortable, turn back the fold you made at the opening and fit the heel pouch snugly over your heel.

Step 6 of 12

Step 6

Gather the stocking into folds of about 2” (5cm) until you reach your ankle.

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Step 7

Working in sections from your ankle, pull the stocking up a fold at a time. Do not force it or tug it.

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Step 8

Once you have fully extended the stocking, take it back down to your ankle.

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Step 9

Then hold the top and, with a twisting motion, take the stocking back up your leg again. This will give you a better fit and will help to keep the stocking in place.

10a Fitting knee length stockings

Step 10

Fitting knee length stockings

Knee length stockings should always come up to the bend in your knee.

10b of 12 Fitting thigh length stockings

Step 10b

Fitting thigh length stockingsIdeally thigh length stockings should cover your leg to above the highest visible varicose vein.

Once in place secure each stocking with at least two suspenders.

Step 11 of 12

Step 11

Remove the Scholl Fitting Socklet. If necessary, hold the stocking in place with your other hand.

Step 12 of 12

Step 12

Smooth away any tight areas or wrinkles with the palm of your hand.

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How to take off Scholl stockings, and socks

Removing stockings

Peel your stockings off gently. Do not roll them or pull them.

Hints and tips for putting on your Scholl Compression hosiery

Look after your skin

Applying moisturiser to your legs every night will help you to put on your stockings, socks or tights in the morning, as it is easier to ease them over smooth, well cared for skin.

Watch out for sore patches

Before you fit your stockings, socks and tights take note of any patches on your legs that are sore. Ease the garment over these patches particularly carefully, both when putting your hosiery on and when taking them off. This will help to prevent the sore patches breaking down into ulcers. If any of the sore patches become ‘weepy’, contact your doctor or nurse for help.

If your stockings, socks or tights seem too long

The stretchy material of your stockings, socks or tights makes it possible to take them too far up your legs. If they seem too long, take them back down to your ankle and refit, being careful not to pull them up too much.

NEVER fold your stockings or socks over at the top, as this will make a tight band around your leg, reducing the flow of blood and making your legs swell.

If your stockings, socks or tights seem too short

If they seem too short, take your stockings, socks or tights back down to your ankle and refit, pulling them up firmly but without tugging. There is plenty of stretch in the material, which should help them to fit.

If you are finding it difficult to grip the hosiery firmly enough, try wearing lightweight household rubber gloves which can stop your fingers from slipping.

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